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Learning About Passenger Tires and Other Tire Types Available for Your Vehicle - Midtown Tire

August 14th, 2012

With the many different types of tires on the market today, the passenger tire is the most commonly used and cost-effective tire type available. Passenger tires are typically used in passenger cars and minivans.

Almost every tire manufacture out there offers passenger tires. For example, Michelin with their Michelin Destiny, and Yokohama with their A drive. There are also different types of passenger tires that offer different types of performance for your driving needs.

All season tires are engineered to handle cold, warm, wet, and dry climates. You can identify an all season tire by its tread, and on the sidewall. The tread on an all season tire typically has more sipes (cuts within the tread block) within the tread, as well as a more diverse tread design. On the sidewall it either reads all season on the tire and/or a M+S marking on there as well. What the M+S stand for is “mud and snow” which indicates that the tire can perform well in light muddy and light snow conditions. Also many all season tires are made asymmetrical which means that the tire has to be mounted with the inside of the tire mounted on the backside of the wheel and the outside of the tire being mounted on the outside.

Most manufacturers also offer performance passenger tires. People who have to commute daily on highways and canyon type roads typically use performance passenger tires. Depending on the manufacture, performance passenger tires are only engineered for warm weather and rainy conditions.

Another excellent passenger tire that is getting popular due to high gas prices is the fuel-efficient passenger tire. Fuel-efficient tires are typically all season tires that are engineered and tested to help vehicles perform better for better gas mileage. Also the safety and the comfort of gas saving tires are much better than any passenger made.

With the many different types of passenger tires out there it can be hard to decide which ones will be the best fit for your vehicle. After reading this article, we hope you are a little more informed on the different types of tires available to you.

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